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guiding price

- full LED backlight illumination

1100€ qm

- LED illumination from two sides

850 € qm

- frame without backlit

350 € qm

prices are ballpark prices and will be fixed individually for every inquiry
shipping costs vary with shipping method and destination country

other formats on request

price per square meter can be used as a calculation base

Prices included 19% sales tax

Frame Varianten

Fullscreen Backlight

We recommend the fullscreen backlight version, simply because it is the brightest and can be implemented for all sizes.
Tenter frames with 120 mmm depth can be backlit homogenous and totally even with the LEDs then. The light colour is very similar to daylight and let the colours of the GoodMoodFrame appear very natural.
Delivery comes as a package ready for final assembly. All electrical devices are of course ready for usage right out of the box and are prewired on a terminal strip.
With our tenter frame system complete walls can be designed seamless with large formats. The dense woven textile is printed with a "UV Direktdruck" (keine Ahnung wie das English genannt wird - musst du einsetzen!). The non-fading colours are of high brilliance. With our colour management we achieve highest contrast and colour quality. The overall viewing quality is excellent. All around the textile is sewed to a silicon leather for fixing on the frame to get a fully even, longlasting, smooth surface. Furthermore it opens a very convenient way to change motifs if wished. We sell motifs ready for mounting without the frames too.
illumination from two sides

Side lit tenter frames are possible up to a width of 200 cm, e.g. 200 x 400 cm frame size.
Back lit is achived by mounted optical LEDs (M3 or M6+ types) on the corresponding facing sides. Back lighting
by side mounted LEDs make LED modules with special optics necessary to distribute the light as even as possible with this method.
Side lit tenter frames are not as bright as the full back lit versions and cannot be dimmed but are coming with an attractive price.
Tenter frames with no backlight at all

Non backlit tenter frames are of course the most cost effectives. The frame thickness is less, dependend
on size, between 4 to 8 cm.