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goodmoodFrames alleviate the Winerblues Positive vibes created by large-scale Fotoart and ighting

Just a few weeks from now, days will get shorter and skies will get darker and grayer , and bringing with it the Winterblues for many.  
Berlin-based artist Rica Belna experienced these too. Inspired by her extensive experience in the effects of light and large-scale imagery, she created  an effective and artistic solution under the motto: Lighten up your life with goodmoodFrames!. 
GoodmoodFrames offer backlit, wall-sized photographic works featuring motives that create impressions of expansiveness and sunny, bright-spirited atmosphere. This triggers positive associations in the brain which processes the optical impressions and generates new emotions, which then get associated with one's environment.
The large size of the image of a goodmoodFrame dominates a room and therefore demands attention, and the bright light and friendly motives support positive change in the viewer's emotional state.

The pieces of art also change how rooms themselves are perceived. The viewer has the impression of looking out of a window, and thus a feeling of open spaciousness is created. Backlighting enhances this effect.
Light-therapy is widely recognized for its mood-enhancing effects. Brightness reinvigorates and motivates - especially during those seemingly eternal winter months.

Belna’s art-motives enhance the effects of light through their relaxing yet energizing imagery, providing strength and happy moods.
In summary: goodmoodFrames change the emotional energy of a room through the installation of a virtual space.  
Background information

Successful installations of wall-covering art-projects require long-time experience and knowledge of working with large scale formats in order to create the the desired spacial effect.
Rica Belna has been employing the suggestive effect of large-format photo-motives in many of her assignments. Of primary importance in creating an impact on the state of mind of the viewer is the overall experience in a room – therefore of primary importance is the size and prominent of the art in the room.  
The actual motive and colors are of secondary importance. In this manner, the viewer feels transported to another place – one of light, relaxation and a good mood

Technical data and cost-structure

The 250 x 320 cm light-box consists of 273 LED modules a 1.8 Watt, totalling 491 Watt. This creates at 40.950 lumen, a very high light output, while drawing minimal electricity.
The bright lightbox creates the impression of daylight. The cost of such a backlit goomoodFrame, equipped with high-quality Osram LED modules, light-dimming enabled comes to approximately 1000 E/square meter. each light-box is uniquely constructed, an expert crew builds each one by hand, with great attention to precision and quality.